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Wedding toast idea: Best Wedding Toast Examples swipe file

Best Wedding Toasts ideas

Learn how speakers used humor and emotion in balance in their wedding toast

Coming up with just the idea for a wedding toast can be a challenge.

Watch in these examples how each speaker pulled it off.

Get a swipe file with links to great wedding toasts by best men, brothers, maids and matrons of honor, and fathers of the bride. Plus, get brainstorming tips on how to craft your own speech.

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See how speakers used stories in their wedding toast

One common theme throughout each wedding toast is that the best ones tell stories.

The stories range from embarrassing to heart-felt to emotional–learn how to strike the right balance.

Some speakers tell shorter stories while others make the whole toast one long story–it’s up to you–but watch the examples to find out more.

Watch how speakers used one-liners in the wedding toast

One-liners for wedding toasts are great when done well.

You can make the audience groan or get everyone to laugh with you–hopefully the latter.

Watch how wedding toast speakers deliver witty one-liners throughout their toasts.

Watch how the speaker toasted the couple and showed love and affection for them

On the other end of humor,  you have wedding toasts that deliver an emotional gut-punch.

The best wedding toasts balance humor and emotion

Watch how speakers start off funny and then end up with everyone crying tears of joy.

Wedding toast examples range from traditional to a duo doing karaoke

The swipe file has your traditional short toasts but some longer ones and some with a song!

Let your personality and talent shine when you give your toast

Use the examples in the swipe file to guide you to the type of toast that fits you and the occasion

Gain inspiration from a variety of people giving the toast–best man toasts, maid of honor toasts, and father of the bride toasts. 

All follow similar formulas and can be a source of inspiration for anyone writing their wedding speech.

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