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Stump Speech Examples and Swipe File

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Watch stump speech examples so you can answer the question, “Why are you running for office?”

It’s the hardest question at the beginning of any campaign, “Why do you want to run for office, specifically this seat?”

With this set of stump speeches, watch how other candidates answered that question through their campaign speech.

Get the swipe file that contains links to actual stump speeches delivered by political candidates. 

Don’t worry, they hardly cover many people from the national stage and instead many of the speeches are from candidates from local and statewide office races.

Along with the stump speech videos, get brainstorming questions to help you form why you’re running for office along with an effective stump speech.

Listen to real stump speeches so you can learn how to connect your values and story to your voters’ values and stories

You can’t just give a resume as your stump speech.

Instead, your story has to resonate with your voters. 

Watch how other candidates pulled off that feat as they told their own story in light of the values of their voters.

Learn from real stump speech examples to improve your own speech

There aren’t many books on writing stump speeches; it’s not something that is taught in school.

Instead, we have to use real ones given by political candidates (often ones without a Communications staff).

These authentic stump speech examples will guide you as you write your campaign speech.

Watch stump speeches of other politicians in order to gauge the effectiveness of your own

You can get feedback from friends and family on your stump speech but they all believe you’ll be president one day.

Instead, see how your speech matches up against real stump speeches people gave when running for office.

Use the example stump speeches as a way of gauging how effective you are at delivering your message.

Learn what to say and not to say in a stump speech by watching the models of other candidates for office

You are going to like how some of the speeches flow and not like others–that’s OK and part of the process.

By listening as if you were an audience member, you’ll get a feel for which words land and which ones don’t in a campaign speech.

Use the lessons as you create your own and be mindful of how a speaker’s delivery affects their message.

Photo by Elliot Sloman on Unsplash

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