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Retirement Speech Examples: Swipe File for Retiree and Retirement Speeches

birthday toasts and retirement speech examples

Give a memorable retirement speech 

Those questions are on your mind most likely. Use the retirement speech examples in this swipe file to help answer them.

Each speech is a real one that either a retiree or someone toasting the retiree gave–all on video.

Use the retirement speech examples to help write your own speech–whether for yourself or the retiree.

The swipe file comes with links to YouTube videos and brainstorming questions to help power your ideas as you write you retirement toast.

Show gratitude effectively in your retirement speech

Watch how the speakers demonstrated love and gratitude for their spouses, coworkers, friends, and family.

Watch how speakers blend humor, emotion, and storytelling, to show the effect the people in their lives had on their development and success.

By watching other retirement speeches, you’ll get a feel for what you need to put in your retirement toast to show the person how much you care.

How to speak about your own retirement in a speech

One of the hardest things that speakers have to do in a retirement toast is to talk about themselves and the years leading up to their retirement.

Watch how other speakers tackled that issue by watching their retirement speeches and learning their techniques.

See how you can be proud of your life but also humble and grateful for the people in it.

How to toast the retiree in a speech

Included in the swipe file are people toasting and celebrating the retiree. 

You may find yourself doing this for a family member, colleague, or close friend, who is retiring.

Learn how to tell the best stories of the retiree’s life and how to truly honor them.

Examples of retirement speeches to make yours easier to write

Sometimes it’s hard to come up with a short speech when you want to say everything to a retiree.

Use the video examples of retirement speeches as models for your own speech.

Watch how each retirement speech starts, ends, which stories it uses, and how it talks about retirement with both the life lived and the life ahead.

Get the words, structure, and delivery, of your speech right

Starting with great speech examples means having a standard to work with as you write. 

You can self-edit your speech by comparing it against a retirement speech already given.

Use the speech examples to craft and edit a great speech that you and the person you’re toasting can be proud of.

Toast a retirement to show your boss, coworker, colleague, friend, spouse, how much of an impact they’ve had on your life

Part of living the good life is having great friend show up and toast you on special occasions–or you being able to do the same back when you have to speak at your own retirement.

You want the important people in your life to know how much you care and winging it isn’t going to cut it when it’s this important–people usually only retire once.

Use the example retirement speeches in the file to ensure that what you say is going to land just as effectively as the retirement speeches on video.

The swipe file contains examples of the following:

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