Speaker bio template: Have Your Speaker’s Bio Ready to Go!

Updated: Mar 1

One of my pet peeves is when a speaker begins their speech with a long list of their accomplishments and their personal background. It puts the audience to sleep immediately. Other times, when a speaker is introduced, the person introducing them has nothing to say.

But there’s a way to solve both of these problems: Write out your own introduction for someone else to give.

When someone introduces you, the audience expects some biographical details about your life and your qualifications for speaking. A pre-written introduction can help lay this all out no matter who is introducing you. Plus, you don’t have to include that same information in your speech–you can just start with a powerful beginning.

Here is an easy speaker bio template:

It depends on the event, but many introductions will answer the following questions 1. Who are you? –This should address basic biographical facts and qualifications that are relevant to the event and your audience. 2. Why are you speaking at the event? –Pretty self-explanatory 3. What are you going to speak about? –Outline your topic, the title of your speech, and the speech’s goals 4. Misc. information not covered above –Anything from how long your speech will be to whether or not there will be a Q&A session–just get the important details out of the way so that they don’t detract from your speech’s content.

For this speaker bio template, try to keep each answer to 1-2 sentences. You may want to include more information but your audience will tune you out before you speak if your bio is too long or too boring.

Photo by Hrayr Movsisyan on Unsplash

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