Hire a Speechwriter: 7 Reasons Why

Updated: Mar 1

CEOs and other professionals short on time know that they need to delegate. One way is to hire a speechwriter. A great writer can make sure that your thoughts get across to your audience in way that resonates and stays with your audience long after your speech is done.

Here are 7 reasons why you should hire a speechwriter for your next speech:

1. Saves you time: The people that get the most done each day are the ones that delegate. Let someone else take care of the words so you can focus on your profession and what you do best.

2. Expert advice: Hand off the project to someone who has the expertise and experience to get it done. It takes time to develop speech writing skills and you need someone’s who is an expert in writing for the spoken word.

3. Complements your skills: You have great ideas but maybe just need someone to help deliver them through the best words possible.

4. High ROI: Most people giving a speech want the audience to do something afterwards–buy a book, follow a new policy, adopt a new position. You can’t leave this to chance. Investing in hiring a speechwriter will put you one step closer to delivering a speech that changes minds and even gains new clients.

5. Create a memorable speech: Unfortunately, most speeches are forgotten. If you’re lucky, your audience will remember a few key ideas. When hiring a good speechwriter, you are guaranteed a memorable speech.

6. Increase your network: When you are known to give great speeches, you are invited to speak at more events. At each one, more people hear your message and get to know about you. You never know who is in the audience. Each speech you give leads to more contacts and an ever-expanding network.

7. Gain a competitive edge: At a conference you might be one among many speakers. Your speech should stand out; your audience should remember you. At work, you could by vying for an executive position against many candidates. A great speech delivered with fantastic public speaking skills will give you that extra edge that puts you above the competition.

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