Best Wedding Toasts: 10 Best Maid of Honor and Best Man Wedding Toasts

Updated: Mar 1

This lists contains 10 of the best wedding toasts that I could find on the internet. Use them as inspiration for your next wedding speech.

Qualities to look for when you’re watching the best wedding toasts:

1. Great stories that demonstrate the best qualities of the bride or groom 2. The speaker introduces himself/herself–half the crowd might not know who you are. It’s a pretty good idea to clue them in. 3. Kept them short–you don’t need to go longer than 10 minutes. It’s easier to prepare and easier to listen to. 4. It’s OK if you mess up or are a little nervous–just go with it and laugh a bit even if you make a mistake. Everyone wants to see you succeed and won’t hold any mistakes against you 5. Talk about the person’s other half and tell stories about him/her if you know them well 6. It’s perfectly OK to get emotional. You don’t need to fill your speech with one-liners; rather, tell the bride and groom exactly what they mean to you

Maid/Matron of Honor Wedding Toasts:

Best Man Wedding Toasts:

Photo by Gift Habeshaw on Unsplash

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