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Op Ed Examples: Swipe file for opinion piece examples

op ed examples

Get a file of op-ed models to inspire your own writing

By reading op ed examples, you can get the ideas flowing by watching how other authors tackled tough issues.

But even the best writers get writers’ block. 

The best writers are the best readers, read the op-eds contained in the file to get a feel for the genre and how each author and publication approach opinion piece writing.

Download this swipe file and you’ll get links to great op-ed examples already published. Plus, you’ll get a set of brainstorming questions to help come up with your angle and topic.

Read the op-eds to see great examples of concise writing

Teaching your opinion in 600 words is no easy feat.

The best op-eds pack a punch in fewer words than a book chapter.

By reading multiple examples of short arguments and short opinion pieces, you can mimic the authors’ style when you write your own op-ed.

You’ll gain clarity and understanding for how to marshal evidence to support your point of view in such a small amount of words.

Use the op-ed models to compare your piece to other published works

You might not have the time to get an editor for your op-ed piece.

But if you can say, “My piece looks like this one,” then you’ve got a shot at getting published.

One of the best ways to ensure that your op-ed is publisher-ready is to compare it with an example from the same publication. 

The op-eds in this swipe file draw from a wide variety of publications that commonly accept op-eds. 

Submit to those publications or similar ones with the confidence that your piece measures up to what’s already been printed.

Use the Op Ed Examples so the following doesn’t happen to you:

Match your piece to an example piece to ensure that you are writing in the right tone and approach expected by a publication.

Just by following the example of the pieces that came before, you can make sure that you aren’t covering the same ground and that the editor will be increasingly likely to welcome the piece to their publication.

Why your op-ed piece will get rejected:

  1. The op-ed’s topic has been covered extensively by this publication or similar ones that the readers read.
  2. The op ed It doesn’t tie into any timely issue
  3. You don’t have the authority — you might not be the best person to write the op-ed
  4. The opinion piece is clearly a first draft — no one has the time to go back and forth with numerous grammar and spelling revisions.
  5. There were just too many submissions — sometimes this happens but if the issue is ongoing you might be considered for a later date to get published.
  6. The publication doesn’t want to appear biased — this happens more often with local papers and covering political campaigns.
  7. Your op-ed is unbalanced–too many facts and not enough opinion–or ALL opinion. 

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