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Keynote Speech: Keynote Examples Swipe File

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Find a great model for you keynote speech to know if you’re on the right track

Your keynote speech is your chance to connect with an audience, to teach them something through your speech that they didn’t know before, to motivate them to change their thinking and their lives.

All of that from a keynote speech. Yes, it’s possible.

You have a gift to share with your audience, one that you can give them through 20 minutes to an hour of their time.

But to start creating a keynote speech–or to upgrade the keynote you already have–you should look at examples to know how you stack up and to find inspiration on what to change.

Not only that, your keynote can be one of your best forms of content marketing. 

Use your presentation to create more pieces of content as you put your ideas out into the world.

The best speakers started out by watching how other keynote speakers delivered their speech. 

It’s part of the learning process.

Modeling is a great skill taught in all of the best coaching and training sessions for public speaking. 

We learn to ask, “How did that speaker put together that presentation?” and proceed to break down their keynote address into its words, content, delivery, and structure.

Take that step today as a speaker and download the keynote speech swipe file so that you can WOW your next audience.

You will get a collection of keynotes on YouTube video and a few notes after each one–but the most important thing is to watch great keynote addresses and figure out where yours will fit among the speakers’ styles and delivery.

Plus, you will get keynote speech brainstorming questions to help you write out the initial ideas for your keynote.

You’ll get keynote examples in pdf form and as a Google doc.

Edit your keynote to get it up to the level of the pros 

You want your presentation to be the best, right? So why not compare it to that level?

Watching others speakers will give you inspiration on what to edit and what to keep in your keynote address.

Rather than pay for public speaking coaching or training, you can use the example keynote speeches of others to tell you if you’re on the right track.

When you watch the keynote speech examples, you’ll be able to log your speech against that of other keynote speakers.

Compare your keynote speech against the pro in the video by looking at:

Gain inspiration to design own keynote presentation

Sometimes speakers get stuck on what they should put into their presentation. Preparing a speech is often a solitary and lonely act.

Look to the speakers who have already made it their business to go out and speak and get paid. Can you design a speech similar to what they have?

Find out how they are talking about big keynote themes and how you can do the same for your target audience.

Look at great examples of slide design and presentation delivery. Successful design isn’t an accident.

Discover how the speakers connect their topic with their audience–how they tailor their stories and presentation to the audience they are speaking in front of for their presentation.

Compare your keynote to others so you can judge your progress

You might feel stuck at times as a keynote speaker.

“Why aren’t the words of my keynote resonating with my audience?” you might ask.

See how other speakers deliver their keynote presentations and compare where you are to them.

You can ask others for feedback on your keynote but if they aren’t providing paid coaching they’ll usually sugarcoat it and tell you, “You’re fine.”

But if you can see how you measure up against other keynote speeches and public speakers, you’ll know immediately what you have to do to change (or not change at all).

Watch how others give a speech for delivery tips and inspiration

Part of the business of keynote speaking is not the words themselves but their delivery.

Some keynote speakers have a low-key delivery that works for them–other public speakers have that hyper charismatic personality that we all know too well.

Find what works for you but don’t be afraid to self-coach yourself to see other methods of speech delivery.

Some things to look for in each speaker’s speech delivery:

See how others structure their keynote address for when you create your own presentation

When you write your speech, the ideas might come easily but the structure of your keynote can be elusive.

Effective keynote structures help your audience follow your points; structure is the design backbone of any great speech.

When speakers are on the longer side, as most often happens with a keynote, the audience can get lost unless it can follow a great structure based on an effective keynote template

By watching videos of keynote speeches, you can see how each speaker structured their presentation from beginning to end.

Use the structures in the videos as templates for your own speech. While your content may be different, you can adopt the same storytelling and pacing templates as the video models.

Become inspired yourself by watching other keynote speeches

As an added bonus, just by watching these keynote speeches  you’ll be inspired for your own life. 

Each keynote has a compelling message that any of us could use when working alone or when business is getting tough.

Just starting out is tough for any speaker–small crowds, getting people to take notice, it’s not the easiest road and many speakers felt like giving up right before they made it big.

To stay motivated and on the path to delivering a compelling message to your audience, start watching keynote addresses that compel you to act.

As a keynote speaker, if you want to inspire your audience, you should make a point of watching inspiring speeches to channel the energy of those examples into your own writing and speaking.

Photo by Alexandre Pellaes on Unsplash

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