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Hire a speechwriter for: keynote speeches, wedding toasts, awards, graduation, anniversaries, retirement speeches, nonprofit fundraising and advocacy–and everything in between I can help you.

From business leaders to nonprofit executives to organization heads, you always want to make a good impression on your audience. To increase the effect of your message, writing it out ahead of time will ensure that it has the proper amount of emotion, reason, and persuasion.

A memorable message can advance your career, gain more donations for your cause, and gain buy-in from the people who are typically a tough sell.

Even for ceremonial toasts like wedding speeches, anniversary toasts, and retirement addresses, leaving a lasting impression on the audience requires great words and great delivery.

The secret behind all of these is a writer who can help shape a memorable and emotional message.

Use a speechwriter so you can not just survive your next speech but thrive

Your next great speech should start with great writing.

Sure, some speakers can give their speeches on the fly–but the secret to impromptu public speaking is that the same words they speak are the ones they already wrote out in drafts, emails, and practiced in conversations and in private.

Great writing leads to great preparation which leads to a great speech.

When you focus on the writing ahead of time, you can ensure that you have an effective structure, your content fits the time needed, and you have a script or outline to fall back on.

Use a writer so you can gain the freedom from the pain of going it alone

Think of a speechwriter as having someone in your back corner that can help think through tough issues with any piece of writing.

A speechwriter can give you an objective opinion on whether or not a message or idea is going to work with your audience. When you work on the writing ahead of time, you can check for the flow of ideas, how the message will be received by the listeners, and you can guard against cliches.

When you have someone who can handle the writing part, you can focus on the ideas and execution (while of course running your day-to-day business).

Prepare with a speechwriter so you can gain freedom from the fear of embarrassment

Your success at public speaking comes down to three elements: the speech writing, the speech delivery, and the speech preparation.

Once you know exactly what you want to say, then it’s much easier to practice and prepare ahead of your public speaking event.

You don’t have to write out every word, in fact some speakers will write out the initial draft and then work on an outline or bullet points from the draft when they speak. But great writing is the starting point of any speech.

What other help can you get from a speechwriter?

I can help you with all forms of writing and public speaking preparation.

While COVID has cut down the number of in-person public speaking opportunities, you can still 

About Me:

I am a professional freelance speechwriter with over 10 years of experience in helping business leaders, keynote speakers, TED talk presenters, and everyday people, enhance the messages they tell through great storytelling and structure.

My background includes education, content marketing, nonprofits, political advocacy, and startups. I read widely and can tackle almost any subject.

What speeches can you write?

Frequently Asked Questions:

Who uses a speechwriter? Are they just for presidents and political candidates?

President Ronald Reagan and President Barack Obama are known as great orators but they had great speechwriters behind them to help shape their message. Today, you will find authors, business leaders, nonprofit leaders, education leaders, and every day people, reaching out to speechwriters for help with writing critical public speaking opportunities. While political speeches make much of the news, most of the speeches that go on have nothing to do with politics.

You have probably heard of Peggy Noonan, who wrote for Presidents Reagan and George H.W. Bush along with John Favreau who wrote for President Obama. While political speechwriters make the headlines, CEOs, nonprofit presidents, business leaders, philanthropists, and professional speakers, all use speechwriters to some degree. You’ll also find everyday people needing speechwriters for award ceremonies, wedding toasts, anniversary speeches, and retirement speeches.

Noonan said it best, “Most of us are not great leaders speaking at great moments. Most of us are businessmen rolling out our next year’s financial goals, or teachers at a state convention making the case for a new curriculum, or nurses at a union meeting explaining the impact of managed care on the hospitals in which we work. And we must have the sound appropriate to us.”

What are the advantages of working with a freelance writer?

You can hire a freelance writer as needed–for one-off speeches, ongoing monthly assignments, or for a set number of speeches each year. As you develop a relationship with a writer, the writer can better understand what you want to say in each subsequent speech. My longtime writing clients go through fewer drafts as I know their likes and dislikes.

How will you match my voice to the needs, values, and questions of my audience?

Part of the survey for the speech will focus on using terms and research to better understand your audience. From there, through our conversations and the survey answers, I will get a good feel for how you speak and write.

How will I know if I like your writing style for my speech?

I have speech samples that I wrote available upon request–all cleared or anonymized by the speakers.

How will a business owner benefit from working with a speechwriter?

Speeches to your employees; media interviews; podcast interviews; use the speechwriter as a ghostwriter for your most important articles and emails.

Who else needs to hire a speechwriter?

Anyone who wants a professional touch with their message should hire a speechwriter. From writing to editing to speech preparation, having an objective speechwriter in your corner will help your message resonate. Writers can also be a key player when it comes to strategic messaging decisions that you have to make for your business.

What is the process like to work with a freelance speech writer?

First, we start with an introductory call where I get to know what you need for your next speaking or writing opportunity.

Second, I send you a survey that will help me better understand your audience, your key messages, and the type of speaking opportunity.

Third, we will speak more on the answers in-depth over the phone or email.

Fourth, I’ll create a first draft and send it over to you for your review.

Fifth, we’ll go back and forth with the draft up to three times to ensure that your voice matches what you want to say.

Sixth, if we have time or you want, we will set up sessions to practice the speech before you give it.

What speeches and situations have you written for?

I wrote a speech for a senior VP of Sales whose company just emerged from bankruptcy. 

I wrote a wedding toast where it was a husband and wife duo toasting the happy couple. 

Another one I wrote was for an association president who had to give an inaugural address. 

A business leader reached out to get help with a commencement speech at his alma mater. 

Not a speech, but an op-ed I wrote for a school superintendent who wanted to better explain their school re-opening plan to the public. 

A fast-rising star at a company wanted to toast his boss and mentor on his retirement

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If the form doesn’t work, or if you want to email me directly, email me at: eddie@ricespeechwriting.com

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