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Why You May Need Job Interview Coaching | Why Mock Interview Coaching?

You want confidence for an upcoming job interview.

Job interview coaching gives you the opportunity to practice, to fail, and to succeed, before your next high stakes interview. And in this economy, every interview is high stakes. Get the experience of interviewing before it counts.

You’re out of practice

It might have been years ago that you went on your last job interview. While you might remember some of the basics, you’ll still need to get comfortable with consistently giving succinct and specific answers.

Plus, more interviews are taking place over Zoom and Skype rather than in-person and you’ll need to prepare for this unique interview format. You’ll want to get feedback on your body language and prepare for common interview questions.

A practice interview will help you show your qualifications in the best light possible.

You know the competition is fierce

The position may be interviewing 4 or 6 other applicants but they all had the resumes that got them the interview. Imagine cloning yourself 6 times and competing against those clones!

Interview practice will set you apart from all of the other candidates.

You are nervous and have anxiety

Interviews can make anyone nervous. You’re getting judged by another person and no one likes that feeling. Interview practice ahead of time will help calm your nerves and prepare you for any eventuality.

A particular interview question trips you up

Either intentionally or unintentionally, interviewers ask tough questions. They might want to know about gaps in your resume or about a skill that you haven’t yet strengthened. Plus, some questions are specific to interview types (like consulting and math questions). Try out your answers ahead of time with a safety net.

Professionals practice

There’s a reason that you see professionals like athletes still getting coaching today: they know that it makes them better, even at the elite levels. Job interviews are the same–you are competing with people who all have similar qualifications. The professional is the one who stands out among the crowd because they practiced longer.

You want an objective 3rd eye and you value practice and feedback on your interview performance

Job interview coaching gives you feedback that you won’t get from the interviewer. Hardly anyone gets feedback on their resume and job application performance from a company–many people are just too busy. Get the feedback beforehand so you can be your best self in the interview.

You can fail safely

You don’t want to use your precious interview opportunities as the first time to practice. Instead, a mock interview can help you fail safely and try out different approaches to various questions and answers ahead of time. You want to take small steps at a time to improve your interviewing skills.

Google can only do so much

Chances are you’ve tried to find common interview questions on Google or LinkedIn–there’s a world of difference between knowing those answers and comfortably answering them in a real interview. Plus, you’ll need to practice on Zoom and Skype as those formats are the new interview.

You want to practice difficult or uncomfortable answers to an interview question

It’s going to happen–you’ll need to talk about an uncomfortable part of your past. This could be getting fired; taking a leave of absence; a short stint at a company that didn’t work out; a criminal conviction from long ago; if you can answer those questions honestly and confidently, you’ll increase your chances of getting job offers.

Coaching Services, the basics: what is interview coaching?

We do an introductory phone call to discuss your goals and the type of practice you’re seeking

We set up the number of sessions and particular dates and times

We both show up as if it were an actual interview–it will start promptly, you wear the outfit, get your space set up for the real thing

We spend part of the time on the interview and the rest on feedback–ex: 35 minute interview with 25 minutes of feedback and retrying questions 

Coaching Services: what types of job interview coaching sessions do you provide?

Basic and straightforward interview questions

We’ll simulate a mock interview that asks the common questions you would expect in an interview: tell me about yourself, why are you the best fit for this job, greatest strengths, tell me about a project that succeeded/failed…etc.

Tough questions

This interview is a step up and is filled with harder questions designed to make you think and to address parts of your resume that you might not want to discuss.

(yes, some employers spring the salary question before the offer!)

Specific Question Practice: Surface vs. behavioral vs. technical questions

In this interview, we focus on a particular type of question and practice it routinely.

Everything goes wrong

Only recommended if you’ve done the basic interview but this interview will set you up for the inevitable: a late/rushed interviewer, technical difficulties, confusing questions–anything that can go wrong, will.

How much is an interview coach? | How much does it cost to hire a career coach?

Interview and career coaches are two different people but overlap in many of their duties. Interview coaches focus solely on the interview while career coaches may work on your overall career goals.

The prices can vary, with some rates as low as $90 per hour and some as high as $300 per hour! 

Because of COVID, I offer a sliding scale to my clients starting at $75/hour and can work with almost any budget.

What else can you help a job candidate with during the coaching session?

How to respond to the question, “Have you received other offers?”

How to handle uncomfortable or off-limits questions about your job search

What you as a candidate can do to stand out on a Zoom meeting or after the interview–yes, thank-you notes are still appreciated.

Giving examples of better answers–we’ll work through your answers and find the ones that shine

Phone interview preparation–we’ll do a phone interview without a screen as many companies use those as the initial screening call.

Contact me today and let’s get started with your job interview preparation.

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